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Meet our team of young and professional creatives: Pat, Liv, Hugo, Sarah, Jenai, and, of course the team MVP, Kodi!

Founder & Videographer


Patrick is a charismatic and experienced filmmaker who strives to provide exemplary customer service in every transaction. While shooting, Patrick enters a creative flow and it is clear to his clients that videography and photography are his passions. He views his work as a form of art, and gains immense satisfaction from delivering completed projects to his clients and meeting their needs. You will find that in all your dealings with Patrick, his attitude to business is customer-centric and focused on creating high-quality work. He endeavours to communicate effectively and regularly with his clients throughout the life of their project.

Patrick brings an abundance of experience of working with other small businesses, but his goal has always been to start his own production house. This experience – in addition to his university background – ensures he is knowledgeable, competent, and always prioritises the client throughout any transaction. Patrick has completed work both domestic and internationally, and has travelled to 26 countries.



Since Liv was a child, film sparked a passion in her like no other medium. Before graduating from a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Film, TV and New Media) in 2018, she began working for Pat in the office – picking up camera skills here and there.

Since then Liv has fallen in love with shooting videos and stills. She loves that every day is always different and there are endless opportunities to learn and grow.

Her experiences beyond Tempus include interning on the ABC’s long-running program, Australian Story, and studying abroad at UCLA.

Lead Editor


Hugo’s love for the moving image became apparent throughout his schooling, receiving a finalist certificate for a flipbook contest and because the only subject he excelled at was Media. Choosing to drop out of high school at the start of year 10, Hugo went on to study Film and Television through TAFE and then UNI.

Editing speaks to him because, It’s a digital puzzle that he can put together in a variety of ways and each version conveys something different.

When he’s not working at Tempus, You can find him at home playing video games, working on personal edits or tending to his garden bed.



Back in 2012 I went to JMC Academy and studied Film and Television. In 2014 I received a Bachelor of Creative Arts. After that, every year in October I volunteered at a festival to create advertising videos.

It was then in 2019 at the festival where I met Pat and the team. Next thing you know I became a part of the crew and I have been working with them ever since as a video editor. What I love about editing is piecing a story together. When I’m not working, I love chilling out, watching movies and TV shows.



Living with Pat with a home office, Jenai was quite exposed to his work. She helped out with numerous bits and pieces over the years, including acting in a terribly awkward video pitch to secure a job.

Pat floated the idea of doing VHS conversions a few times and she thought it would be a great add to Tempus! Jenai watched one of his family home videos as a child and thought how special that was so decided to start it for others to be able to have the same experience.


Mitchell Moody

Mitchell’s fascination with the realms of film and television ignited during his early years and has only grown stronger since. Inspired by the works of countless filmmakers, this passion has fueled his desire for a career within the expansive media landscape.

In 2021, he proudly graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film, TV, and New Media. Armed with knowledge, creativity, and an insatiable drive, he embarked on a journey that led him to the heart of Brisbane’s media scene: Tempus Media.

In 2022, Mitch joined as a Video Producer, seamlessly integrating into the Tempus crew across various domains. Finding joy in the collaborative processes, he partners with clients to craft videos that perfectly resonate with their visions. Additionally, he takes on the role of writer and director for the Tempus skit videos, a highlight featured within our newsletter.

Beyond Tempus, Mitch keeps pace with the latest in TV, movies, and pop culture. When not engrossed in that, Mitch becomes consumed by basketball, whether engaging in NBA discussions, coaching budding players, or immersing himself in basketball literature. In fact, one might suggest that to Mitch, ball is life.


Office Dog / Computer Scientist
Office dog / Computer Scientist

Woof Woof.

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