The Biggest Benefits of Outsourcing Your Video Marketing

The Biggest Benefits of Outsourcing Your Video Marketing
Outsourcing your video marketing could be the game-changer your business is looking for. In this blog, we delve into the five biggest benefits of engaging a video subscription services – think more impact, less hassle, and strategies designed to elevate your brand’s digital presence.
1. Video Gets You Noticed

In the realm of digital content, video reigns supreme, captivating audiences far more effectively than text or images alone. In fact, videos on social media generate 1200% more shares (yes, you read that right) than text and image content combined (Moroles, 2022). Videos convey more information in less time making them a powerful alternative to wordy posts. This is especially important given the reduced attention span of the population. A well-crafted video has the power to halt mindless scrolling, communicate the value of your product or service, and evoke a strong desire or need. Meaning, a video subscription can ultimately lead to a boost in sales!

2. Boosting Your Digital Footprint

By engaging in a video subscription you are better able to maintain a consistent stream of video content across all your digital touchpoints. This significantly enhances your brand’s professionalism and online visibility. A rich library of video content allows for regular engagement on social media, keeping your brand front and center for your current and prospective clients. Using professional videos on your website can also differentiate you from your competitors and enhance your appeal as an employer. We often receive feedback from clients expressing how their website conveyed a sense of fun, professionalism, or inspiration to prospective staff making them eager to join their team.

3. Expert Guidance

Leverage from our years of experience and receive advice on the ideal length of video, the most suitable platforms for distribution, the creative direction, and even nuanced details like the effectiveness of captions for your video. Video production is our domain, and we’re committed to sharing our insights to ensure your content succeeds.

4. Saves You Time and Money

Our video subscription model is all about making the most of our time together. We nail down several months’ worth of content in just one go. With post-production (video editing), being the most time-consuming, we have a crew of editing wizards, and systems and software to really fast-track this process. This means we deliver your content faster and at a reduced rate, saving you the hassle and expense of having someone in-house or going through a marketing agency that might not get the ins and outs of video like we do.

5. Accountability

The concept of incorporating video is appealing to many, yet obstacles such as time constraints, lack of skills, or the challenge of translating a vision into a tangible video can be daunting. By engaging in a video subscription, you’re guaranteed pre-production assistance, reminders and organisational support to ensure a smooth production day, and post-production revisions to ensure we deliver content that you’re happy with and excited to share.

This is our bread and butter. We can supply a loooot of content within a single shoot, whereas it may take you a lot longer, and a lot more stress, with outcomes you may not be happy with. With our video subscription service, video marketing becomes an accessible and impactful component of your digital strategy.


These are just a few things to consider when you’re looking to prepare your space for a video shoot. In saying this, we understand that perfect conditions are not always possible. Rest assured, your videography team will collaborate with you on the day of the shoot to ensure you receive a high-quality final product, regardless of the initial conditions.

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