Tempus Media shares our experience on how to get the most out of your school marketing videos

Being good at video production alone isn’t enough, especially when it comes to working with kids. As a known name in video production around Brisbane, Tempus Media provides insight into how you can get the most out of your school marketing videos.

Arguably the most crucial aspect of shooting video with people, especially children, is ensuring your subjects feel at ease and comfortable. Achieving this requires the ability to tailor your approach to the unique personality of each individual you are capturing. As a video production house in Brisbane, we really get involved in the social environment of the students to help break through the wall a little bit. It’s not uncommon to find us playing an impromptu game of handball with the students before we start filming. The time investment in these sorts of activities certainly pays off – the students become comfortable and showcase their optimal selves once the camera starts rolling.

Once you’re able to get the students excited and comfortable with the filming process, a really important part of video production is that we work collaboratively with the marketing manager. It’s vital that the marketing manager’s brief is met with our experience and creative flair. So, let’s say, they want to showcase the extracurricular opportunities on offer to students, for example, a chess club. We step in and work our magic to turn a simple chess match into an exciting, cool, and moody spectacle that gives off big ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ vibes. On the flip side, if the scene isn’t shot and edited well, it could render the chess club uneventful and boring. It’s pretty wild how the same scene can evoke two very different emotions for the viewer all thanks to a little camera wizardry.

To really ensure we’re making the marketing managers’ vision come to life, we hook them up with a director’s monitor. This nifty tool lets them see exactly what we’re capturing through our lens. It’s not just about making sure their vision is coming to life; it also gives them the ability to pick up on things that we may not know to look for or are too busy to notice. This could be things such as the student’s uniform or how they’re presenting themselves overall – those little details that really matter for video production in Brisbane.

As alluded to above, teamwork really makes the dream work! Our ability to envision the final product adds a significant layer of value, enabling us to offer insightful contributions throughout the filming process to the marketing manager. As an example, during a recent shoot with Saint Laurence’s College, we captured a lot of footage of the robotics department – an exciting facet of the school to be showcased. However, during the student interview conducted by the teacher, the robotics segment hadn’t been mentioned. Recognising this disparity, we re-directed the interview to make sure we got the audio grab to match the visual imagery. In this way, the marketing manager is leaning on us to not just be a videographer but someone they can rely on to ensure that all bases are covered. A really important aspect of any video production in Brisbane.


We’re incredibly grateful that we have had a working relationship with Saint Laurence’s College for many years now. This is what Saint Laurence Principal, Chris Leadbetter, had to say about it:

“We have worked with Pat and Tempus Media now for several years specifically with our new brand marketing videos. Pat and the team go above and beyond before, during, and in post-production and they have helped our vision come to life and the end result is something we are very proud of. We couldn’t speak highly enough of Pat and the Tempus Media team!”

If your school is thinking about a little re-vamp and you would like to have a chat please reach out! Video Production Brisbane – Tempus Media.


For more information on how the team at Tempus Media can help you with your school marketing video needs drop us a message.

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