The Challenge

Local artist Deb Hood had a range of products that she needed to be photographed to sell online. Some of these products needed to be in a white box where we could cut out the background and have lovely clean images for websites, and other photos where the product was used in more of its ‘natural’ environment, or where you could typically see the product a bit more stylised.

The Outcome

Deb firstly dropped off her products at Tempus HQ for us to capture the products in a studio setting. We then visited Deb at HER studio to utilize her garden space as a backdrop for the candid images.

To save time on the shoot – we also shot some products only once before editing the varying designs and labels using the magical powers of Photoshop. This made the process efficient and could be applied when Deb added new items to her ranges and avoid having to organize an entirely new shoot.

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