Simpson Desert Ultra Marathon

The Challenge

For it’s debut event, Tempus was brought on board to produce a collection of videos and images for The Simpson Desert Ultra. The team were sent out to the isolated Birdsville, located deep in south-west Queensland, to capture all the key moments from the 24 hour race.

We were also brought on board to produce a documentary about the inspiring, Cath Wallis, and her team of unconventional athletes as they challenged themselves to prove their capabilities in one of the toughest terrains in Australia.

The Outcome

In total, we delivered over 600 stills and 6 social media videos (ranging from course explainers to an event hype reel). You’ll find more of our work spread across the SDU website and social media pages with much more in the backlog ready for promotional use!

As for our documentary – as it’s about to enter the festival circuit so we can’t share it publicly at this point in time. BUT we CAN say that we couldn’t be more excited to see it played on the big screen!


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