Your Tempus Media experience begins from your first enquiry. Pre-production is dedicated to discovering your vision and how it can be brought to life. This stage is generally completed by phone and email, and once all details are determined we will exchange an Engagement of Services document. If you have a great idea, but need some help bringing it to life, we are happy to meet for a consultation to discuss how we can meet your needs. 


Tempus Media prides itself on arriving at jobs prepared and professional. Creating high-quality videography and photography is only one part of what we offer; we also strive to provide high-quality service. If your videography is for an event, this may be a stressful time with a lot of elements involved - we aim to provide a seamless, positive experience. Our friendly staff will work closely with you throughout the job to ensure you are comfortable in front of the camera and answer any questions you may have throughout the process. 


Post-production is where a majority of our time is spent. There is a perception that once a video is shot, there is no further work to be done except sending it to the client. In reality, we spend a total of 8 - 16 hours creating a 3 minute promotional video. We encourage client involvement in this stage, as we work collaboratively to create a product that you are happy with. Tempus Media's policy is to include two revision sessions as part of your service, where you can provide feedback on the work thus far and request any changes to be made. Finally, we will provide you with your completed project. We endeavour to provide an enjoyable service from start to finish, and a high-quality product.