In the digital age, videos are arguably the most captivating tool to communicate with your audience. But if you are like most people you have no idea how much video production costs and what you can expect with your budget. Let’s break it down!

There are three pillars that contribute to video production cost: pre-production, production, and post-production.


Pre-production is the stuff that happens before shooting the video, and depending on the video type can be very minimal or a massive undertaking. If you need pre-production for your video you can expect it could include script writing and message development, storyboarding, and sourcing location and talent. If you are able to complete some of these tasks in-house, or as a combined effort with the production house this is the easiest way to reduce video production costs.


Production costs are the actual cost of shooting the footage. This will always include the videographer(s) and equipment costs, and depending on the shoot type may also include venue hire, actors/talent, any props and costume, and for bigger scale jobs directors, gaffers, and hair and makeup artists. The longer and bigger the production – think Hollywood movie – the greater the video production cost.


Post-production is the work that goes into making the filmed content into a video i.e. editing. This of course includes editing and revisions, and again, depending on the style of the video may include visual effects, motion graphics, colour grading, sound design, captions, and title cards.

For most businesses there is a trade-off between quality and expense. You may be a smaller business with a smaller budget and therefore have to forego some of the extras such as having the script written for you during pre-production, or some of the animations in post-production. Or you may have a much larger budget and prefer the production company to take care of all the pre-production and spare no expense in post-production.

That being said, you can still absolutely get a good video within your means, and this is what we can help with calculating.

What you can expect for $1000-$3000:
  • Minimal pre-production assistance
  • 60-second video
  • Basic montage overlay footage, text overlay, dialogue/script recorded, lower third animations (name + job position), and shooting at one location

This budget can get you a short and sweet 60-second video. This is a quick and easy option for businesses that want to keep video production costs low. In a single shoot, we capture everything we need and turn this into a captivating and concise video.

What you can expect for $3000-$5000
  • Pre-production assistance
  • 2-3 minute video
  • Basic montage overlay footage, text overlay, dialogue/script recorded, lower third animations (name + job position), sound design, shooting at two locations, and drone footage

Now we’re getting serious! A three-minute branded video is for companies seeking a visually engaging and effective video all while on a budget.

What you can expect for $10,000
  • Everything that is mentioned above plus art direction, talents organised, multiple aspect ratios (video formats), custom logos and animations, and shot at up to three locations

This option allows a business to truly tell a story. We capture the heart of a brand, from the sound of a workshop to the history that has led to it’s identity today. Whether you’re selling humor, elegance, innovation, or heart, this product will deliver the feelings and message that your business seeks to portray.

I hope this blog has been helpful in understanding video production costs and what you can expect with your budget. If you are unsure of what you need when it comes to video or it seems a little overwhelming, tell us what your video aims to achieve and your budget, and we can create a custom quote for you!

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