Tempus Media, as a leading video production company in Brisbane, gives insight into why using recruitment videos can elevate your company

Are you considering using a recruitment video to help with the hiring process? Businesses are based on people, and attracting the right people to your company certainly isn’t somewhere you can be willing to cut corners, and here’s why:

📈 It’s an employee’s market. We hear it time and time again, “it’s hard to get good employees”. With a record low unemployment rate, the burden is on the employer to attract good candidates to their company. Your job advertisement is essentially trying to “sell” your company to a prospective applicant. According to CareerBuilder job postings that include videos have a massive 34 percent greater application rate! Businesses evolve and get better from people, and if you are unable to attract good people to your business you can’t produce good work. A recruitment video that shows how great your company is, can say much more to a potential employee than a web page with a lot of words.

❗❗ A way to stand out. Marketing has never been so advanced and, whether we like it or not, we are constantly being sold to. Have you ever noticed supermarkets are really cold? This is to help stimulate your appetite and make you spend more, and those pop up notifications you get from Uber Eats at 5 pm when you’re thinking about what to have for dinner…yeah, the timing is calculated. With continual exposure to so many forms of advertising, we can’t possibly process it all. To be successful in the digital age, content must grab the viewer’s attention quickly and evoke an emotional response. According to CareerBuilder 75 percent of job candidates say the look and feel of a job posting influences their decision to apply. Recruitment videos allow you to not only get the viewers’ attention but make the viewer want to work for your company.

👔 Conveys the culture. Thinking of outsourcing? An external recruiter can really butcher how they represent your company’s culture. A recruitment video gives you more control, effectively communicates the culture of your company, and helps potential candidates envision working there. Bonus points if you include your current team in the recruitment video to demonstrate that you value your staff, to both prospective and existing employees. You wouldn’t get an employee to be in the recruitment video if you weren’t planning on keeping them around!

💸 Saves you money. Finding and training employees is an expensive process. If the recruitment video accelerates the hiring process and assists with a good hire and lower turnover rate, the video is worth its weight in gold.

Elevate Your Hiring Process with a Compelling Company Recruitment Video!

Explore why a company recruitment video is a game-changer for your talent acquisition strategy at Tempus Media. Unlock the potential to attract top talent, showcase your company culture, and take your recruitment efforts to the next level.

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