Tempus Media explains why professional corporate headshots will benefit your business

The corporate headshot is a photography staple, and quite possibly the most important personal branding you will have for your business. The headshots on your website help potential clients create an immediate connection with your business, so it is important to get it right!

👍 First Impression. So, let’s talk headshots! As mentioned above, putting headshots on the website can help people establish an immediate connection to your business. A corporate headshot is everywhere in your communications (website, email, LinkedIn, etc), and in a digital age, very often the first impression a client will have of you. Corporate headshots communicate to clients that you are a professional, which then helps them to trust your knowledge, and generally want to work with your company. So, let’s put your best face forward!

☑️ Conveys Trust. As exaggerated as it may sound, a good corporate headshot can alleviate a client’s fear of doing business with you, particularly in industries such as law, finance, and health where people can feel nervous or intimidated. A good idea with professional industries is to really consider whether you want a really serious persona in the headshot – think 80’s style – or do you want to appear more professional, but still friendly and approachable. Lastly, and this may seem obvious, but when people meet you in person it should be the same face that they see online. Headshots should be updated regularly enough that the person is immediately recognisable and not heavily retouched as to look very different (or 10 years younger!) online.

🏬 Expresses the personality of the brand. Corporate headshots are not just a bland necessity, they can reflect your company’s personality and help potential clients feel more connected to your brand. A serious headshot typically has a plain colourless background, dramatic lighting, and the expression is much less animated. On the other hand, a more modern headshot is relaxed, the person is smiling, and they are often leaning on things or have their hands in their pockets. The body language expresses that this person is comfortable, doesn’t need to get anywhere quickly and that they have time for their clients. These photos can absolutely be outdoors or with colour in the background – go ahead and have some fun with it!


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